Doing this is a challenge. It is always easy for me to talk about anyone and anything but never myself. But I really find this as a great exercise for me to understand more of me, my weirdness and peculiarities.

Random facts about Mr. Funanimous:

#1 Most of my friends describe me as someone outgoing, humorous & democratic. But I know myself as someone harmonious, I love everyone having a great time.

#2 My Favorite color is GREEN, so as my brain. But they are not on the same shades… my brain likes the darker green (hehe). Even it is my favorite color, I do not wear them often, but most of my accessories and gadgets follow the motif.

#3 I love to eat at hindi ako maselan sa pagkain. Ayoko lang sa Fresh apples, kalamansi & white meat ng chicken. I can live with or without desserts… I find them too expensive pero kung may budget, I go for it! I can eat breakfast food any time of the day.

#4 I am a proud Tamaraw – FEU graduate. I owe a big portion of my life on that place. I had a very memorable college life. If only I could turn back the time.

#5 Ultimate hate: WAITING

#6 I wish I have thicker eyebrows

#7 I am a good friend and lover, but always a bad enemy. 95% of my life I spent smiling and making the majority smile. BUT when I am mad, I don’t talk. Never provoke me talk, because if you do, you will have no chance of speaking again and I will load you with sarcasm, just that, I was never physical & you don’t want that.

#8 Grammar is my insecurity. I hate spelling especially the word “receive” (oops.. did I spell it right?), has – had – have , do – does – did & a lot more. But who cares?! I know a lot of people who knows good grammar, but that’s it, end of story. Okey na ako sa “Creative”.

#9 Most of my extra time, you’ll find me in malls (madalas sa TriNoma) where SALE signage are posted. I love the concept of discounts & I invest so much on clothes and shoes but having no particular brand in mind, basta bagay sakin. Pero I like Nike more than Adidas.

#10 I like morbid films, The Human Centipede is on top of my list.

#11 I love watching movies especially if it is a premiere night. I have an awesome collection of movie premiere tickets  & they are soooo freak’n COOL!! I love staring at them. As of today August 5, 2012, I have 42 and still counting. It all started when I was a kid, astig para saakin ang movie posters & I told myself someday, I will have plenty of that. Pero naisip ko, it is hard to keep movie posters, not to mention na mas astig ang mga movie premiere tickets. I accept donations also. 🙂

#12 When it comes to music, I am a universal listener. But locally, I think Christian Bautista & Nina are great singers. For international male category, Craig David is my ultimate idol but I think Ne-Yo makes me forget about Craig these days. For females, Katty Perry and Mariah Carrey rocks, WTF, they rhyme! I also like Maroon5 and The Script as a group.

#13 Happy to be in the field of Advertising. I’ve done both Media Planning & Sales.

#14 I don’t rely on my salary alone, I do business as well. ( www.dailygreenstore.wordpress.com )

#15 Dogs are very close to my heart. I have 2 buddies right now; Russia, who is a tough girl, a mixed breed of Basset & Labrador & Magic, a very good looking dachshund who is responsible of our home being insect & rat free, I love them so much. Big thanks to Dog Whisperer for making me understand them better.

#16 I like twitter more than Facebook.  (@mrfunanimous / @blogfunanimous / facebook.com/sherwinfuna)


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