“I don’t have an ATTITUDE PROBLEM! You have a problem with my attitude, so that’s your problem!” –anonymous.

 Welcome to my world!

I love bad & terrible news, I think they are funny!

There is no clear architecture for this blog, I write everything interesting (at least for myself). Most of my feeds are real; I write news, I write editorial skits, I feature places & events & I love taking pictures.

I hope my humor is enough to put an end to corruption, mining, flash floods, landslides, improper waste disposal & poverty.

This is my road to stardom.

God bless the Philippines.

TABLE OF CONTENTS – Contains humorous editorial skits. Awkward topics branching from one to the other. Kung feeling mo ay nakakatawa si Eugene Domingo.. tama ka! Pero lamang lang siya sakin ng isang paligo. (boom!)

funaniNEWS – The Latest Headlines

ARTIKULO – Because sometimes, I want to be serious. Eto na yun!

photograFEED – My Sweet Escape. Minsan naman talaga eh nakakatamad magsulat, so pictures nalang.

TARA! TRAvel – I promote Philippine tourism. bow!

FOODnanimous – Need I say more? dig in!

Quotes Meal – Quotes about Life, Love & Libido. harhar


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