Work-out gets more exciting if you match it up with some groovy music. But sometimes, it gets irritating if you have to deal with earphone cords; the tangle, looped in your mobile phone and the worst is, it keeps on hooking elsewhere (so dangerous). So I’ve decided to get a Bluetooth Earphones.

You might find it hard to decide since there’s a wide option of Bluetooth earphones. I’ve done gadget store hopping; both in malls and online. Bluetooth earphones ranges from PHP 800.00 – 6,000.00, quite a gap right? But since I am working on a budget as well, this is what I’ve got and you might like it as well.

Meet my new gym buddy, PLAYGROUND BH-200! You can get this for only PHP 1,599.00 pesos.

It is housed in a white medium sized box. Nothing fancy from the outside, and you might think of it as another-China-product. But what’s inside might surprise you.


Playground BH-200 comes in 2 colors; Yellow Green & Black. And to those, who know me very well, it is a very obvious choice. I actually have to move from Glorietta to Discount Depot in Shaw to actually get the right color. GREEN of course!



  • This was actually created to join you on your sports activities; Sweat resistant technology. But don’t mistaken it for water Resistant
  • In line Controls to adjust volume (single press on + or -), Music Tracks (Long press on + for next and long press on – for back) and answer calls (single press on power button)
  • Built in microphone at the back of the controls for your Hands Free Calls
  • Magnetic Clasp feature, which could be a deciding factor. Both left and right earpieces have magnets that you can snap together when you are not using it. Like a necklace. Pretty cool and helpful.
  • Voice prompt for “Power-on” and “Power-Off”. It’s just nice to have assurance that your tool is already on or off, as well as if you are running low battery.


It includes

  • Ear tips. It comes in 3 sets; Small, Medium and Large. Very considerate, coz not all ear holes are of the same size. Use what fits your ear to secure it wont fall off while you are having your workout.
  • For those who doesn’t just want to plug it in their ears you may use the silicone Ear Stabilizers and hook it as well to your ears.
  • Of course for charging, it come with a Micro USB cable. The charging port is located at the right earpiece of the device.
  • A cool Hard case where you can store it after use.



I’ve been using the gadget for about a month already and I am very happy with it. Some people at the gym are actually coming to me to ask if these were actually Bluetooth. The battery was never a concern for I don’t have to charge it a lot. The sound is loud and clear, it is good especially for its price. The bass though can still be improve, not that good but decent.

mrfunanimous playground bh200 review

I believe Playground BH-200 is a good gym investment. A must have!

Hope this helps. Share your experiences!


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