Business Just Got Too Serious. BAD @MetroJuan!!!

I had a worst experience with an online seller.


I don’t want any special treatment. I just want to be treated well.@MetroJuan


The story goes…


Monday, I’ve decided to order it. The risk of online shopping, you like it on photos and you don’t know how’s it going to look like in person; as expected, better or blah! But yeah, it is cheap. So why not!

So I inquired and got a reply. I can tell they mean serious business coz’ I got a pretty fast response. I ordered 2 short sleeves polo from @MetroJuan and told them will settle payment tomorrow.


Tuesday came. I got a day job, and inserting a bank transaction in my schedule is really dedication. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, I spent 45mins in BPI and my number is not yet called so I’ve decided to just, quit it and just settle it the next day.


I informed @MetroJuan. Coz that’s the right thing to do. I own an online business as well, I should know.


Wednesday, I had an emergency. An emergency that is more important than getting myself a new polo. Wasn’t able to respond to a 4PM text from @MetroJuan “Ok na po yung payment?” Few hours later, I got a tag on my Instagram account.



*Business just got too serious.


Again Mr. MetroJuan, I got your instagram tag… and it is totally fine. RUDE but fine. 🙂 Just an unsolicited advice; Treat your customers right if you want this to last. Again, I have updated you the moment I’ve failed to settle payment, and I could have done it again, if you only allowed me to. There must be too many of us wanting those polo I reserved… And you just can’t wait to bag it. Well, emergency happens and I wish it will not happen to you.

There is just a better way to say it. Best of luck to your business!! Do what is right. 🙂

I forgive you. haha.

*To the guy who created that photo you reposted, he must be dead.


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