PlayGround Cam 100 Review: The Android of Action Camera!

I’ve always wanted to an action camera for my occasional outdoor trips and travels. GoPro is definitely a top of mind in this line, but in my eagerness to get the best price for a GoPro, I found an alternative.

For those who are dreaming of owning an action camera but doesn’t want to break the pocket, this is certainly just for you! I consider this as the android of the Action Camera; The PlayGround Cam 100.

PlayGround Cam100

PlayGround Cam100 is a 12 Mega Pixel Wide Angle Lens Action Camera that allows you to shoot a full blown HD videos and pictures. You can purchase this for only PhP 5,990.00 compared to a PhP 15,000 silver edition of GoPro. It comes with a water-resistant casing that allows you to film fascinating water sports and activities up to 30 meters under water.  It can support storage card up to 32 GB and has a built-in LCD which can allow you to view you snapshots and videos.

Purchasing the PlayGround Cam100 also comes with overwhelming accessories to fit all our outdoor sports and activities; Waterproof case, Bicycle Stand, Helmet base, Bandage, Clips and a lot more. It has a detachable battery that is easy to replace and can prolong your camera’s service life. For the actual camera, you have six (6) colors to choose from; White, Yellow, Black, Cream, Blue & Pink. It’s sad that green is not an option, but I got mine in yellow so that it can be seen in the dark and easy to find.

PlayGround Cam100


PlayGround Cam100

PlayGround Cam100

PlayGround Cam100


Spending less for this gadget doesn’t mean you got to be less happy with it. It is actually a good buy and can go head to head with the Pro. You actually get more for paying less, like the accessories and the built-in LCD. For GoPro, if you want an LCD for your action camera, that is an additional 4,500 bucks, and 1,500 bucks for your Bike Stand. GoPro is definitely a premium, accessories and other add-ons are just way too costly, but if you can handle, why not go for the Pro?

On the other hand, GoPro has a built in Wifi that allows you to connect and share your  videos and photos instantly to your social media and is supported by tons of apps where you can edit your video quickly. These things you cannot find in PlayGround Cam100.

For someone like me who wants an action camera for occasional trips, this is certainly more than enough. I am really happy with it! I got a camera now to document my outdoor activities and have spare money to buy my plane ticket for my next trip, swimming gears, new shoes and etcetera, haha!

Below are the sample videos and photos I’ve done using the PlayGround Cam100. I uploaded the video & the photos as it is and did not do any editing to preserve and deliver to you guys the real result. Embeded video via YouTube since actual file is too big to be uploaded in my blog. So it goes without saying that if you want an action camera, you need to have a hard drive at least 500GB.

Video 1: Myself using a monopod .

Video 2: Hand held of the PlayGround Cam100


Sample Photo Using PlayGround Cam100

Mr. Funanimous using Playground Cam100



Results are clear, wide, fish eye like but a bit bluish in color.

Hope I was able to help you out to decide. Keep me posted guys and feel free to key in your questions, I will try my very best to answer.


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