Cry for Help: This Blog Post Is Worth 500 PESOS

This blog post is worth 500 pesos.

mr. funanimous blog 500 pesos

January 16 (Thursday), it was a beautiful day, too beautiful that I have to go to the chapel and say my big thanks to Bro. I lost 3 lbs., I closed a big project for my business and just finished a very successful meeting with a prospect client.

And It was a wrap for me, around 4PM, walking along Buendia cor Makati Ave. I was at the phone talking to a customer, wearing my big smile but empty stomach, heading to the nearest McDonald’s. A guy cut my way, he approached me and hurriedly went on to his spill.

“Hi, I am not a bad person, but I have a situation here,” 

I put him on hold and finished my phone call and asked him to repeat what he just said. So he did. He told me I can video take him and post it as soon as I figured out that he is a fraud. What a brave soul… but that earned my trust. But I didn’t do it.

I told him “You have 3 minutes to tell me your situation” but prior to that, I know he needs money. This is his story.

He is from Cabanatuan/Nueva Ecija, he is scheduled today to claim his passport with DFA. That morning, he arrived in one of the bus terminals in Cubao, took the overpass and got held-up. These hold-uppers took all his stuff and what is left is money he has in his pocket that brought him to Makati. Since the incident, he has not eaten yet.

I asked, “What do you need?”

Initially, he told me that he needs food, and I told him, that I need it too. So I just invited him to McDonald’s.

While we are walking, he told me that he needs money also going to DFA, process affidavit of loss and money to his way home to Cabanatuan. He is desperate.

I asked again “How much money do you need to go home?”, I saw the shift from hopeful to sadness but grateful at the same time (I don’t know if you can picture that mixed emotion face). He answered “390 pesos”.

We reached McDonald’s and I gave him 500 pesos. I told him “Sorry that I cannot provide all the stuff you need” and I just advised him to get some food and go home.

I don’t know, I used to be a very skeptic person, but the situation asked for my generosity. It felt good to help.

I didn’t bother him so much when we had our food, I can sense that he is really hungry, & so am I. But he told me some stories about himself; He is a graduate of communications in Letran Manila. He is separated and it was his cousin who stole his fiance. It was a long distance relationship since he is working in Resorts World Sentosa Singapore and that is the reason also why he needs to renew his passport. And he told me “I promise to return your money”, I just said “okey”. I got the food receipt and write my number, I just told him to let me know if he reached home and told him to keep going already before he gets hungry again. He did and said his 100th Thank You.

I actually don’t expect my money back, but no word from him. I just hope he reached home, processed all his lost documents, his passport and met his deadline with his employer in Singapore. I just hope he is not a Fraud. I just hope I helped the right person. Hard earned money it is.

 This is him. Look how happy he is with his McDonald’s meal.

this blog is worth 500 pesos


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