Junkfood Nostalgia: Pinoy Classic Chichirya

Ito ay para sa mga kahenerasyon ko…

Before I fell in love with Pringles, Lays, Ruffles, Pic-Nic, Tostitos and all those expensive and imported junk I was just a sari-sari store fanatic.  The pleasure I get from my imported junkies was never new at all… as a matter of fact, several years ago I can satisfy my taste bud with just 1 peso in my pocket.  Yes! I am talking about my Childhood Comfort Snacks.  (I know a lot of you will agree with me)

Most often the not, it comes in a very nasty packaging with weird character prints. Madalas nakapabitin sa mga bintana ng sari-sari store. If you’re unlucky pa nga, chances are makunat na ang nabili mo. It ranges from 50 cents to 2 pesos each. Unhealthy. Pero Delicious. Nostalgic!

I seriously miss munching them…

POM-POMS – number 1 in my list. I am happy to know that this is still available. Eto ang salarin bakit madalas kulay orange ang mga daliri ko nung bata pa ako. Munching them is like breathing.

pompoms cheese curls snack

WONDER BOY – I have a feeling that this snack is already extinct. I tried asking & looking around but the result is heartbreaking. This flat, salty potato chips is sobrang nakakaadik.

My  appeal to the manufacturer of Wonder Boy.. please.. please… bring this back!

wonder boy snack

SWEET CORN – Need I say more? This snack is sweet and corny & I love it! Available in small pack, which I like better and the big one in decent foil pack. The good news is, it is still available.

sweet  corn snacks

regent sweet  corn snacks

NUTRI STAR – After not seeing this  snack for such a long time, I was doing my SM Grocery one time & I saw it sitting in one of the unnoticeable rack. Napasigaw talaga ako sa tuwa at nag hord. I remember purchasing 18 pcs. of it. After a week of consuming all the 18 pcs., I lost him again. No longer available.

This sweet & salty star shaped chichirya is certainly one of the best. Available in 2 flavors, the red one as seen in the picture is Chicken BBQ and the Blue one which I forgot what flavor.. for I always go for the red. Please tell me where can I find it.

nutri star snack

ICED GEM BISCUIT – Its color might attract you… but its look is really as amazing as its taste. I don’t crave for this every single day when I was a kid, but there are times that I really love eating them, especially the icing.

iced gem biscuit

HAW  FLAKES – Also know as OSTYA because it looks like . I used to portray the role of a priest while eating this.

This sweet  and sour fusion  Chinese candy is certainly delicious. I still eat this even up to now.


PRITOS RING  – Aside from its delicious salty taste, eating this is fun! It became a norm & a habit of everyone, to put every piece in your fingers tsaka kakainin.

pritos ringand lastly…

LECHON MANOK – I know how huge the fraction of MSG used to create this snack… but I can’t help it… it is so delicious. Its crunch and meaty taste makes it very addictive. And yes, I can see you nodding.

lechon manok snack


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18 thoughts on “Junkfood Nostalgia: Pinoy Classic Chichirya

      • My mom said to try bicutan market, they sometimes have wonder boy.
        And actually, wonder boy is corn chips. Try taters’ tortilla chips and you’ll go “oh sh*t it’s wonder boy”. Hehe

  1. My mom said to try bicutan market, they sometimes have wonder boy.
    And actually, wonder boy is corn chips. Try taters’ tortilla chips and you’ll go “oh sh*t it’s wonder boy”. Hehe

  2. I also love wonderboy! It’s my favorite till now, I’ve been asking my relatives in the Philippines where can we buy it…

    • Just saw this. This is amazing! But I tried looking at the packaging… even the texture of the new wonderboy in the picture looks super different from the original. Has anyone tried the new one? Is it the same WonderBoy we know??? I want to know!!! hahahahaha

  3. Hello! Trivia – Yung gumagawa ng wonder boy noon, yung manufacturer ng Boy Bawang ngayon ^_^ pero di ko alam if ginagawa pa nila.

    Tinitipid ko pa pagkain ng bawat tortilla noon. 4 (or 5 pag may bonus) sa isang pakete. Piso lang. ^_^

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