Mr. Funanimous “Turbo Chicken Rhum with Potatoes” Recipe

I am no chef by profession, but cooking is definitely one of my favorite past times & I want to share with you a recipe I’ve learned from the holiday season.


Simple yet elegant recipe you will love to serve on special occasions, I call it…

“Turbo Chicken Rum with Potatoes”

Mr.Fuannimous Turbo Chicken Rhum 3.1


Delicious with easy to find ingredients, affordable & trouble-free to do, our kind of dish!


Let’s start!!


Tools & Ingredients:



–          Turbo Broiler



–          One (1) whole chicken

–          One  (1) 250 ml Tanduay Rhum

–          One (1) 130 ml Knorr  Seasoning (original)

–          Salt

–          Pepper (ground)

–          ½ Kilo Baby Potatoes

–          One (1) Lemon or Kalamansi


Massage chicken in Salt & Ground Pepper then marinade it with Knorr Seasoning (whole bottle) and Lemon or kalamansi in 3 hours.


Prepare Turbo. Put chicken and the marinade as well as the baby potatoes then add rhum (half of the 250 ml). Cook it for 35 – 45 minutes.


Serve with the sauce & potatoes. Good for 4-6 people.

Hope you like it! Please don’t hesitate to send me your comments, inquiries & your own version of this recipe. Enjoy cooking.


*Note: Since turbo cooking includes rhum, better to do it in an open area. Doing it in an enclosed area might hurt your eye because of the evaporating alcohol.  

Mr.Fuannimous Turbo Chicken Rhum 3.2


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