Sing your Heart Out “I DO BI DOO BI DOO” : MOVIE REVIEW

“I know it’s going to be good but I never thought it will be that good. Brilliant! Musical Film to the next level. Highly recommended. Mama Mia and Rock of Ages killer!” – Mr. Funanimous

I am not a fan of musicals. I really thought this genre is not our cup of tea. Everything changed yesterday (August 28, 2012), I am one of the privileged to witness Unitel Production’s premier of their newest film that took Philippine Musical to the next level, The “I Do Bi Doo Bi Doo: Heto nAPO sila”.

A musical comedy based on Apo Hiking Society (Jim Paredes, Boboy Garovillo & Danny Javier) hit songs, directed and written by Chris Martinez. The movie is a story of teenage love & marriage challenged by life status, differences & pregnancy. Sam Conception (Rock) is a poor boy who just graduated from school and a registered nurse. He is the son of Ogie Alcasid (Pol) who is a one-hit-wonder songwriter and Eugene Domingo(Rose) who owns & managed a small time catering. On the other family, Tippy Dos Santos (Tracey) is a 19 year-old rich girl who is the girlfriend of Sam and got pregnant. She is the daughter of Zsa-Zsa Padilla (Elaine), a house wife and Gary  Valenciano (Nick) who is a busy working dad. The family is also living with the grandpa, Jaime Fabregas who is a tough ex-military that meddled with Sam & Tippy’s marriage during the “pamamanhikan”. The conflict helped to convert young loved to true love, since the wedding planning created so much conflicts, the couple decided to do a secret civil wedding  instead.


The story is very simple, just like that of Romeo & Juliet. The smooth, seamless incorporation of music & lyrics of APO hits to the story made it an intelligent film. We all owe it to Chris Martinez for giving us a new and fresh entertainment through this movie. His direction is outstanding and upbeat. The overall movie aesthetics is so superb, color bursting from one scene to another. Also, matching the good script and visuals are the beautiful song arrangements made by Vincent de Jesus, I am really looking forward to the soundtrack. I Do Bi Doo Bi Doo is a full package film; Fall in love, get the drama, awesome music, groove & dance and get unlimited laughter.

The Powehouse Cast

Perfect Casting! No unnecessary character, all are well established and played significant roles.

Sam Conception – Do what you do best. SO HE DID! Sam made a great male lead, I think he is really meant for theater and musical. He is very natural in this movie. His singing & dancing are truly spectacular. He will gain more fans with this film, that’s for sure!

Tippy Dos Santos – Her beauty is already enough for her to deserve the role, but knowing that she can sing also? That’s really hot. This will open a lot of doors for her. Good job for someone who just started show business.

Zsa-Zsa Padilla & Gary Valenciano – I miss seeing both of them in the big screen and it is nice to see them both back, in one film. Need I say more? We all know both of them sings very well.

Eugene Domingio & Ogie Alcasid – I am a fan of them as individuals & things get crazier when they are together, I admire their tandem. They gave a huge color to this film. Eugene moved me in tears, both on drama & comedy.

Sweet Plantado & Frenchie Dy – they played a great support as Eugene’s bestfriends. They are cool and bubbly. I really find Frenchie’s Tupperware obsession funny.

Neil Coleta – He is a revelation. His role as a gay friend in love is unexpected, all his acts are witty, therefore, he is effective.

Favorite Scenes & Music Arrangements

  • Nakapagtataka
  • Salawikain
  • Blue Jeans
  • Panalangin
  • Batambata Ka Pa
  • Di Na Natutu – The Best! Eugene and Ogie Romance/Bed Scene 


  • Poor Chroma – at the last part while Tippy is having her labor at the hospital. Chroma of the night sky& full moon.
  • Pixelated scene – Baptismal part

I have to agree with Ogie, after watching the film you will feel Proud being a Filipino. Thank you very much APO Hiking Society for sharing your music. Congratulations to all the staff and cast of I Doo Bi Doo Bi Doo: Heto nAPO Sila for a job well done!

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