I am a concerned follower.

Nagsimula ang lahat sa pagbubukas ng pinakabagong franchise singing contest ng ABS-CBN na X-Factor. Hindi ako regular na nakakapanuod pero I tried catching up through internet (via YouTube) because all my officemates are talking about it, mahirap namang hindi makarelate. Aside from the unique & world-class talent of the contestants, isa sa mga frequent na napaguusapan ay si CHARICE.


Charice is truly a Pinoy Pride. Maraming naibigay na pagkilala sa bansang Pilipinas si Charice dahil sa kanyang mga achievements (and I always Thank her for that). A lot of countries are looking up to Filipinos in the line of singing & Charice is a huge contributor to that. I can’t recall any Filipino singer who reached the same career level as Charice in the international scene, which is one of the reasons why I am so proud of her. Charice serves as an inspiration to a lot of aspiring singers especially to those who failed and lost in competitions, because just like her, she was able to make a huge path for herself even after losing a contest.

But now I get it, why Charice became one of the most talk-about celebrity now.

1. Her Judging skill on X-Factor – May theory ako dito, it is called “The Revenge Theory”. All pretty boys like Sam Conception, OUT OF THE COMPETITION! Ang worry ko, baka si KEDEBON (who wasted a slot in the competition) ang manalo.

2. Her new look (The New Charice) – The blonde short hair (sometimes straight sometimes curly), the cool tattoos, the very KPOP wardrobe. Lahat nangyayari ng sabay-sabay!! I have to be honest about this factor, I kinda miss the old Charice (opinion ko lang). It is like a PYRAMID and I want a RESET. But maybe it is not as bad after all, nainggit nga si Miley Cyrus eh. I think we owe that to Charice.

My tribute to the old 



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  1. Whatever looks she get into won’t matter to me, what’s important is her talent and contribution in music on international level. For other countries to realize that there’s a small country like Philippines who also has lots of talented people.

  2. for me lang, ok lang looks nya ngaun, magbabago pa yan to the extent na ma-exhaust and maexplore pa nya other possibilities in this world. by the way, wla naman yta (lalo celebrity) tao na nanantiling inosente in the truest sense. only getting smarter or marunong sa buhay, i guess. i also miss her old look but solved na ko sa style nya ngaun. happy happy!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog and adding me to your blog roll! Interesting mga post mo 🙂 Super duper mega fan ako ni Charice dati, to the point na moderator pa ko sa isang fan site niya at kilala na niya ko by name and face (haha!). Na-sobrahan lang ako sa pagiging fan kaya nagsawa na. I’m not a fan of her new look but I still think she’s extremely talented. The pics you compiled of her old look– I think yan yung mga best look ni Charice :3 La lang! 🙂

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