I miss it so much, now that I am working in Ortigas… It always makes me remember how FOOD IS MORE FUN IN MAKATI. If you are from that area or works there, I am pretty sure you know them, meet JOLLIJEEP!!


To me, they are more than just food stalls, I consider them LIFESAVERS. Serving all kinds of food throughout the day; Breakfast (silog menu), Lunch (with variety of Filipino dishes) & in between snacks/ miryenda. They are good alternative if foodchains are too crowded, if you are crav’n for home cook meals, too tired to walk far to get food or if you are in a very tight budget.

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I think having them as an alternative to fasfood & their distinct look made them create a name for itself. JOLLI, inspired by Jollibee being the largest Fastfood in the Philippines. JEEP in short for Jeepney which is the country’s signature transportation vehicle that is very similar to its look and JOLLIJEEP being a mobile store. Konseptong PINOY NA PINOY!

If you haven’t tried them, shame on you! 🙂



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