My newest Addiction! POCKET PLANES

I’m guilty & I need help!!

I am serious, please bring me to the hospital… But please send me to rehab using a plane. Make sure to use an AirVan-P because I don’t want any cargo beside me. I want that plane because it is a class1, you can bring me to any big or small airport around the world.

Here I go again!! I soooo love this game 🙂


On a serious note, this is a highly recommended app. It is a “double F”, FUN to play & FREE. Apple users, download this now. Best to play it on your iPad, coz the bigger the better.

If you are a frustrated Pilot, Flight attendant or simply loves travelling just like me, this is your game! Definitely not the best graphic but the concept of purchasing planes & airport are freak’n awesome. I purchased my country airports first, Manila & Cebu.

Wanting to conquer the whole world made me want to play it every single minute. I want to create more & more flights to earn lots’a money!

Can someone orient me how “Flight Crew” works?



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